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No, You Don’t Have to Read Everything

Source: No, You Don’t Have to Read Everything

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eDiscovery Education

So, the other day I was reading an article about eDiscovery.  I do that a lot…it’s weirdly interesting to me.  While I was reading, I see a line about the embarrassing level of technical knowledge attorneys have.  This isn’t the … Continue reading

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A complete list of file types that cannot/should not be processed?

If you are a part of the Litigation Support community, you have no doubt been asked for a complete list of file types that cannot or should not be processed.  What was your answer? My answer has always been:  There is … Continue reading

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How a Cookie Changed My Perspective

About 10 years ago, I was a customer service representative for a company that built convey lines and silos for various manufacturing companies. One of our clients was a company that made cookies. Not just any cookies–cookies with a marshmallow … Continue reading

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Can You Sue for Invasion of Privacy if Someone Reposts an Instagram Photo?

Originally posted on Bow Tie Law's Blog:
If a basketball player posts a public photo to Instagram, and then another basketball player reposts the photo, can the first basketball player sue for Invasion of Privacy, Intentional Infliction of Emotional…

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9 Neat Facts About the World’s First Computer Programmer, Ada Lovelace

9 Neat Facts About the World’s First Computer Programmer, Ada Lovelace –

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