Why true talent leaves e-discovery companies and what you can do to stop it

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Corporate E-Discovery

Capitoline Museums / Rome, Italy The e-discovery industry is notorious for rapid turnover of staff, it is the same in any early to mid development sector with volatility and consolidation. But if you are an owner your talent is your business, not your technology.

There is no point having a rocket if no one knows how to service it, fuel it and pilot it. People, their skills, people savvy and service delivery is your business, not algorithms.

So here are some tips to keep talent, that probably apply to most businesses:

  • Listen: So obvious but so rare; the realm of lip service. Your front line people know what is right and wrong with your business model. Don’t play guru and impose your solutions from the top as if you know the “answer”. Create a forum, a safe place, where they can share and you can learn from the people on the front lines.
  • Put them…

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