Social Media Lock Down

I’ve been presenting social media collection software to various groups over the past few weeks. The presentations are always fun, but the best part comes after the presentation. That’s when I get phone calls and e-mail messages asking me, “How do I lock down my accounts?”

The scary part about social media collection software is that if your information is public, it can be collected.  So, here’s the short list of ways to lock down your FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts:


In the upper-right corner of your FaceBook page, you’ll see a little lock icon…click it!


From there, you’ll get a drop-down.  Click the “See More Settings” link at the bottom::


Now, you’ll see the “Privacy Settings and Tools” page:


From there, click “Edit” at the right of each section and choose your settings.  Then, move through all of the other options listed to the left:


I usually restrict everything to my friends only.  The only pieces that I’ve not yet found a way to hide are the cover photo and public page “likes.”  So, if you know of a way to keep this private, please let me know!


Click on the little picture (or generic avatar) of you in the upper-right corner of LinkedIn:


You’ll get a drop-down with several options:


Click the “Privacy & Settings” review link.  You will be prompted for your password.


From here, choose from various things like who sees that you’ve viewed their profile to who can find you in searches.  Don’t forget to take a look at “Communications,” “Groups, Companies & Applications,” and “Account” information.


With Twitter, either everyone can see your Tweets or you can approve people who ask to see your Tweets.  You can also choose who can find you by using your e-mail address to search.  Here’s how:

Click the little gear in the upper-right section of Twitter:


Click “Settings” on the drop-down that appears:


Click the check box beside the “Tweet privacy,” “Protect my Tweets” option.


If you use other Social Media sites, look around for the security settings section.  And, no matter how annoying it can be, change your password every few months.  If you don’t want your information easily found, seen, or collected, be sure to lock it down!




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2 Responses to Social Media Lock Down

  1. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for your clear and concise directions. Many people are having anxiety over these privacy issues. I’m happy to share this.

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